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Many report forms are still paper-based, which often leads to conflicts in terms of information collection and report management, for example. At TurboFormZ, we offer a better alternative to businesses in Canada: a digital report form! To save you management time, we offer a dematerialized and digital reporting form service to all businesses.

When it comes to managing information related to a meeting, incident or accident in your business, let TurboFormZ help you!

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TurboFormZ – Simple Report Form

Whether you need a report form for easy access to information, to manage that information more efficiently, or to collect information in a variety of situations (e.g., vehicle checks, mechanical checks) we have the solution for you. No more paper-based report forms: choose the best online report software!

Following the growing demand of our customers for the development of a solution for the collection and management of reports, we have created TurboFormZ: the first report form software and form generator entirely customizable in a few simple steps and developed in Quebec.

Collect information and share it with the right recipient in real time with a report form

Our forms are designed to be flexible and perfectly fit your needs. So you can use our tool to generate and customize the report form, and include as many parameters as you want!

Facilitate the work of your human resources and improve your reporting management with a form accessible by mobile applications. Documents related to a meeting, an incident, a vehicle check, a mechanical check or an accident are essential in the life of any company to avoid any problem. They also increase productivity by letting you check collected reports at a glance from your smartphone or mobile device!


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What are the benefits of using TurboFormZ?

Our reporting form offers a variety of benefits for everyone in the company. Whether you are an employee filling out the report form or an employer creating the entire form, the TurboFormZ digital tool is perfect for you.

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Our forms are simple to create and easy to use

Whether it’s the person creating and managing the report form or the person filling it out, we’ve made it as easy as possible to use our tool!

Forms are built in minutes using a drag and drop function and are immediately ready to be shared with your employees. With different field types, the option to add mandatory sections, and the ability to create a report form in both English and French, you provide the best possible experience for your employees and human resources.

Save your employees and HR time

With TurboFormZ’s customizable online forms, there’s no need to collect the report form – all your forms related to any report are in one place!

A simple search within the tool will allow you to find specific information, whether it’s the date of a meeting report, the type of report, the recipient of a report or any other project data filed online.

Choosing the right report management tool saves time at every level of your business!

It saves you money

One of the best features of the TurboFormZ tool is that it allows you to standardize your data. Since you can customize your forms during the creation process, you can also make sure that all forms follow a consistent design flow so that they become standard across your organization.

There’s nothing worse than looking for something or filling out multiple forms that don’t look the same with specific designs for each. TurboFormZ eliminates this problem with a standardized design that allows you to be more efficient.

TurboFormZ lets you standardize your data

Nothing is more annoying than standards that change regularly. Paper type, content, font, header. With TurboFormZ’s customizable forms, you as an employer now have control over these elements when creating documents and generating and filing reports.

This way you can use the same or similar templates for all your documents and all your information will be standardized according to your choices. Even better, TurboFormZ takes care of the validation of the sheets.

You can customize it any way you want

The beauty of using TurboFormZ’s online report form, aside from the significant cost savings, is that you can customize them any way you want.

You choose which elements are available to your employees during the form creation stage. Department concerned, date of the incident, people involved, etc… Simply drag and drop the elements you need, rename them so they apply to your situation and you’re done!

Information is secure

Our online platform is highly secure and you can rest assured that your information will remain confidential and only you will have access to it. Your sensitive data will remain out of reach of anyone who does not have access to the platform thanks to an electronic protection lock.

Original documents will always be in the cloud and whether you are on site or thousands of miles away, you will always have access to your original documents created by you or your team.

It's shareable

Our report form tool is not only easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly, it is also very versatile and easy to share via the internet.

Each of the forms you create can be exported and become report forms in PDF format for example. You can then for example send it by email or using another tool. All of our forms can be edited or viewed using any device, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Getting help is easy

We have the resources you need if you have problems. If you get stuck when creating a form, you can count on our team of representatives and customer service to help you.

If you have any questions while creating your questionnaire, you can call on our technical support service that is there to assist you. It’s free!

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What is a report and why is it important?

A report can contain different information such as the person or team involved, a specific subject. It is primarily an account of a situation in order to convey information to another person or group of people. It can take the form of a summary in which only the important points are retained, or a succession of bullet points in the case of an incident report for example.

Whatever the company you operate or work in, reports are always essential, even vital. Whether it’s to make reports during daily, weekly or monthly meetings, to validate a mechanical check or a vehicle check, to record incidents and transmit them to the right person or to keep all the information concerning an accident in the workplace, reports are always necessary. 

Reports also allow you to compile detailed information, relevant information and valuable information on different activities or departments of your company, management / non-profit organization.

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Do You Have Other Forms to Create for Your Business?

TurboFormZ specializes in many customizable forms for businesses of all kinds. Whether it’s for equipment or vehicle inspections, safety inspections or checklists, gain productivity with our custom forms!